Growing under lights

Some time ago we began entertaining the possibility of changing our growing strategy from greenhouse conditions to an 'under lights' system. Why? Several reasons, including the fact that most of the plants we now sell are small and well suited to growing under lights. Also, the price of heating fuel is rising faster than we can absorb in the current economy. The idea of using a heavily insulated growing structure and the most efficient lighting we could afford gave us hope that we could greatly reduce our overhead costs and our impact on the environment.

A recent move to a new home gave us the opportunity to test this strategy. We are now growing almost entirely under lights, including LED (Light Emitting Diode) systems and high efficiency fluorescent lighting. This page is intended to give you an overview of the entire process, including construction of the facility, light rack design, and selection and use of various types of lighting. We sell what we use, and if we aren't happy with a product we won't let you buy it either. Please contact us for our most current pricing information, as our offerings change rapidly based on current technology and our experiences with long term durability and useability of product.

Building a light bar with LED flood lights:. I thought this might be useful information. I like the flood lights. Yes, I could get a more perfectly tuned setup if I built my own lights, and that is coming soon, but for growing the plants I grow, the white LEDs seem to work fine. Excellent results last winter with them.
Flood Light Bar Build

Some videos:
Not the highest production quality, and I narrate like I teach - completely on the fly. If you can get over that, there is some good information in here.